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Casual: 2.5 mph

  25 minutes/mile

Moderate: 3 mph

  20 minutes/mile

Moderate plus: 3.5

  17 minutes/mile

WALKABOUT depends in part on your generous spirit to fund our yearly operating costs as we annually conduct hundreds of free walks in and around the San Diego area. Please support Walkabout through your thoughtful, tax-deductible donation.

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Walkabout International October 2015


These walks repeat every week this month at the same location, day, and time.


10:00 am

CROWN POINT AREA BECKONS. Start out your week with beautiful scenic views of Mission Bay and nearby homes as a guest leader takes the group on a moderate to moderate-plus flat walk for about 2 hours with a pause for coffee or yogurt. Take I-5 to Grand Ave. and go west to Lamont St., turn left on Lamont St., then right on Crown Point Dr. to meet at the west end of the parking lot by the park’s southern end restrooms. To use public transit, take the trolley to Old Town and board the #9 bus at 9:10, get off at La Cima Dr. and walk 3 blocks east to the parking lot. Rain cancels. Kathy L. (858) 484-0349.


6:30 pm

Mission Bay Sunsets. Walk leaves promptly at 6:30. Rain (not mist) cancels. Enjoy the cooler evening air and beautiful views of Mission Bay! Join us for a flat but fairly fast-paced moderate to moderate-plus walk along the shores of Mission Bay. Take the I-5 and go west on Clairemont Dr. to meet at the former Visitors Information Center. Teri E. (858) 560-0446 or Jill F. (858) 292-4231.


3:00 pm ***Note New Location & Time***

WEDNESDAY WORKOUT. Join us at Pioneer Park in Mission Hills next to Grant School at Washington Pl. and Randolph St. for a 1½ hour moderate-plus walk. We head in a different direction each week to explore Old Town, Hillcrest, Bankers Hill, or Mission Hills. Rain cancels. Come and have some fun! Barbara N. (619) 226-3024.


10:00 am

MISSION BEACH NORTH & SOUTH. Walk the beach or the bay and stop for coffee near the end of this moderate-plus or moderate flat walk. Meet at the Belmont Park ticket booth off of Mission Blvd. To use public transit, ride the trolley to Old Town, and then take the #8 bus at 9:40 to Mission Blvd. arriving at 9:54, and walk across the street. Rain cancels. Kathy L. (858) 484-0349.

10:00 am

SHELTER ISLAND WALK & TALK BUNCH. Sandra, Sally and Friends will do a casual+ walk from the Bali Hai Restaurant to the Friendship Bell and back on flat sidewalks (about 2.5 miles round trip; 60-70 minutes including pit stop). Breathe delicious ocean air and enjoy dynamic bay and city views from ships to wildlife. You may stop at one of the many benches and rejoin us on the return leg. Meet at east end of the island to the right of the Bali Hai by the lamp post and hand rails, where we will stretch for a few minutes. If you're late, drive down the island and join us along the way. Take the #28 bus and walk approximately 3 blocks to the Bali Hai where there is ample free parking. Optional eats afterward. Rain cancels. Join us - just for the health of it! Sally R. (619) 222-3800.

10:15 am

MORNING STROLL IN BALBOA PARK. Meet at the Senior Lounge across from the Museum of Photographic Arts to walk at a casual pace through beautiful Balboa Park for about 45 minutes. Terrain is flat and mostly paved. Stay after for optional coffee. For public transit, use the #7 bus. Rain cancels. Mary T. (619) 291-1349.


5:00 pm ***Note New Time***

MISSION HILLS MEANDER. Come see the great views and picturesque homes and gardens of this old neighborhood on a 1-hour casual walk for about 2.5 miles on flat terrain. Meet at the coffee shop at 1920 Ft. Stockton Dr. From Washington St., go north on Goldfinch St. and west on Ft. Stockton Dr. Rain cancels. Stan F. (619) 222-3447.


8:15 am

MERRY GO-ROUND. Start from the carousel in Balboa Park and join us on one of the most scenic walks in San Diego. Our moderate-plus walk encompasses the harbor, downtown, Bankers Hill and bridges depending on size of group and mood. Allow 3 hours, which includes a coffee break. To use public transit, take the trolley to 3rd Ave. and C St. At 3rd Ave. and Broadway take the #7 bus at 7:42 or 7:48. Arrive at Zoo Pl. at 8:00 or 8:06. Meet Rick in the parking lot near the carousel at Park Blvd. and Zoo Pl. (858) 565-7212.

Hike wednesdays & saturdays

Time: TBA

WILDERNESS HIKE. Details e-mailed a day or two before. IMPORTANT HIKE INFO: Park on the street in front of the Methodist Church, 2111 Camino del Rio South (west of Texas St.). Be prepared to drive yourself if there are no other carpoolers. Bring lunch, 2-3 quarts of water, sun and rain protection, and lug-soled shoes. “First timers" must call the leader. All participants must be in top condition, well prepared for trail conditions and will be accepted at the leader’s discretion. Hikers must be able to keep pace with the group. Check as weather or unusual conditions may cause the hike to be moved or canceled. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant hike leader as noted below.


Contact Information

Oct 3

Don: or (760) 796-4007

Oct 7

Mike L. (858) 455-0738

Oct 10

Bill: (619) 206-5809 or

Oct 14

Fall Potluck; Don: or (760) 796-4007

Oct 17

Bill: (619) 206-5809 or

Oct 21

Ron: (619) 390-3033 or

Oct 24

Stan H: (619) 448-1668 before 6:00 pm or

Oct 28

Eva: (619) 283-1872 or

Oct 31

Candy: (619) 435-2894 or



Thursday, October 1

6:30 am

SUNRISE SERIES: EASTERN BALBOA PARK. Meet Connie at the merry go-round off Park Blvd. near the Zoo. We’ll see roses and cacti galore, and much more on this moderate 1 hour walk. We’ll stay on cement paths, cross a bridge and hope for a rose garden in full bloom. Plan for an optional breakfast afterward. Shall we try Greek? (619) 477-8628.


10:00 am

OKTOBERFEST COMES TO LA MESA. Let's meet to find out what changes are planned for this year's La Mesa Oktoberfest. We will take a casual walk around the city and through the center to see the great costume store and all the other charming shops in the Village of La Mesa. Optional lunch follows at one of the many German choices, sandwich shops, or a nearby Mexican restaurant. Meet at the Senior Center of La Mesa at La Mesa Blvd. and Memorial Dr. Parking lot across the street by the ballpark. Rain cancels. Pat K. (619) 469-6223.

Sunday, october 4

7:15 am

BREAKFAST SPECIAL ON SHELTER ISLAND. Ships and seagulls will delight us as we walk as far around Shelter Island as we wish at our own speed. Time out to pet cute dogs. The walk is mostly flat, but we might go along the shore and some might go up the hill for the views. Optional breakfast follows to eat and chat. Meet at Shelter Island Dr. and Anchorage Ln. This intersection is served by the 6:45 #28 bus. Rain cancels or postpones. Pat’s Pals (619) 469-6223.

Monday, October 5

6:30 am

SUNRISE SERIES: PACIFIC BEACH. We’ll meet at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach where you can choose your own pace. Leader will “caboose” for the slower-paced and a co-leader will lead the faster walkers on flat and paved terrain for 1 hour. Pace will depend on your energy this early. Watch for waves, sun on the water, runners and people watchers. Bring $$ for optional breakfast afterward. Verna (619) 276-3055.

Thursday, October 8

6:30 am

SUNRISE SERIES: OLD TOWN. We’ll visit Old Town to check out what’s new. Meet at the corner of Pacific Hwy. and Rosecrans St. for this flat, casual to moderate 1-hour walk. Bring money for optional breakfast afterward. Frances (619) 479-3962.

Saturday, October 10

7:15 am

LATE BIRDS. For those of us who can't get up in time for the Sunrise Series, Anna T. will lead a flat 1-hour walk at your own pace around Pacific Beach, followed by an optional breakfast. Take the #30 bus at 6:45 from Old Town, exit at Mission Blvd. Meet in front of Crystal Pier at the west end of Garnet Ave. Rain cancels. (619) 231-7463.

Sunday, october 11

7:15 am

BREAKFAST SPECIAL IN BALBOA PARK. The park is beautiful any time of the year with many paths to explore on this flat walk at your own pace. Eating and chatting afterward (Greek?) is optional but great fun. Meet at the carousel on Park Blvd. at Zoo Pl. Pat’s Pals (619) 469-6223.


6:30 am

SUNRISE SERIES CORONADO. Let’s take a flat, moderate walk through beautiful Coronado with stops to admire the shops, homes, gardens, Hotel Del Coronado and the beach. Meet at the west side of 10th and Orange Ave. Optional breakfast afterward. Pat K. (619) 459-6223.


9:45 am

BALBOA PARK GARDENS AND MUSEUMS. Meet Stella at one of the tables in front of the Art Museum for a one-hour casual walk through the Sculpture, Alcazar, Rose and Desert gardens. Afterward, you're invited to stay on for a visit to the History Center and the Museum of Photographic Arts (both free today for San Diego residents). Parking should be available behind the Organ Pavilion, but allow a little extra time for an alternative if the lot is full. (619) 232-3756.

Thursday, October 15

6:30 am

SUNRISE SERIES: MISSION BAY. Let’s enjoy the season by the bay on this moderate, 1 hour flat walk where we can watch for a beautiful sunrise and check out the different birds. Meet at the former Visitors Information Center. From the I-5, take the Clairemont Dr. exit and go west. Optional breakfast follows. Winnie (858) 278-4003.


6:00 pm

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE SURVIVES. Meet Derek and Stella outside the Balboa Theater at 4th Ave. and E St. to help them revive this old favorite! It will be a one-hour casual walk with the usual optional stop for fish tacos. Free 3-hour validated parking available at Horton Plaza (619) 298-4891 or 232-3756.

Sunday, october 18

7:15 am

BREAKFAST SPECIAL ALONG EAST MISSION BAY. Let’s take a flat walk at your own speed to see the birds, boats, and views. Optional breakfast and chatting follow. Meet on Mission Bay Dr. by the restrooms just south of Clairemont Dr. Rain cancels or postpones. Pat’s Pals (619) 469-6223.

Monday, october 19

6:30 am

SUNRISE SERIES: SUNSET CLIFFS. We’ll take a 1 hour, flat walk at your own pace. Take I-8 West toward the beach. Turn left onto Sunset Cliffs Blvd, then slight right to stay on Sunset Cliffs Blvd for 1.7 miles to Point Loma Avenue, turn left and park on the street. Meeting place is Sunset Cliffs Blvd. and Point Loma Ave. Bring money for optional breakfast afterward. Fusa (619) 223-6947.

Tuesday, October 20

11:00 am

BACK TO DOWNTOWN! Dan is back from the Cape and ready to check out downtown for recent developments. Let's meet at the historic Balboa Theater (4th & E St.) at the edge of Horton Plaza and canvass downtown at a casual pace for 90 minutes to see what's new and different. You can find your way back to the starting point or join our group for an optional lunch. Complimentary 3-hour parking (with validation) available at Horton Plaza, or take public transportation. Rain cancels. Dan-in-Downtown (619) 249-9813.

3:00 pm

COURTS OF MISSION BEACH. We will wind back and forth along the charming walkways called "courts" between Mission Boulevard and Bayside Walk. We'll see some new large houses on tiny lots and a few of the older funky cottages with character, plus get a beautiful view of Mission Bay. Meet in the Belmont Park parking lot on Mission Blvd. for a flat, casual to moderate 1.5 hour plus walk. Bus # 8 stops at Mission Bay Dr. and Mission Blvd. Rains cancels. Evelyn K. (619) 461-6095.

WEDNESDAY, October 21

10:00 am

EL PRADO AND SPANISH VILLAGE - BALBOA PARK. Join Robert and Friends for a 1-hour, flat, paved safari at casual speed around the northern section of Balboa Park. We are in no hurry, so you will be able to relax and observe the wonders of the park. Optional restaurant stop afterward. Meet at the Balboa Park Fountain on the Prado near Park Blvd. Free parking on paved lots at Park Blvd. and Village Pl. To use public transit, take the #7 bus north or south on Park Blvd., exit at Village Place at approximately 9:15. Rain cancels. Robert B. (858) 414-6181.

Thursday, october 22

6:30 am

SUNRISE SERIES: SEAPORT VILLAGE. Meet at the Merry-Go-Round in Seaport Village. We may take a detour through the Marina Parks North and South. Walk will be casual to moderate or at your own pace on flat terrain. Bring money for optional breakfast afterward. John and Marilyn (619) 840-5544.

Friday, October 23

10:00 am

ONE-WAY SOUTH PARK TO DOWNTOWN. We'll meet at 30th & Grape St. in South Park (parking on street) for a casual, one-way 1.5 mile walk from South Park into downtown. This walk is ideal for those with transit passes who can jump on #2 bus at the end of the walk and head back to our starting point or bring bus money to return. We'll visit a dog park and some stately homes in South Park, as well as a wonderful downhill saunter through Golden Hill. Rain cancels. One-Way Dan (619) 249-9813.

Sunday, october 25

7:15 am

BREAKFAST SPECIAL IN PACIFIC BEACH. Before the crowds arrive, walking in Pacific Beach can be delightful. We’ll walk along the ocean admiring the waves on a flat walk at your own speed and then return by the same route. Meet at the west end of Garnet Ave. by Crystal Pier. From Old Town Transit Center, take the #8 bus at 6:30. Rain cancels or postpones. Optional breakfast follows, perhaps overlooking the ocean. Pat's Pals (619) 469-6223.

9:15 am

TRICKY TRAIPSING THROUGH DEL MAR. Howl with delight over discovering the tricky corners and eerie crevices and crevasses of Del Mar on a 3-hour moderate-plus prance along mixed-up and -down terrain in anticipation of Halloween. Be treated to secret trails and mysterious pathways with spook-tacular ocean vistas as we wander through little-known corners of Del Mar. Look for Larry at the northwest corner of Del Mar Heights Rd. and Durango Dr., 6 blocks west of I-5's Del Mar Heights exit. (858) 755-1751 (evenings/weekends).

Monday, October 26

6:30 am

SUNRISE SERIES: LAKE MURRAY. Walk at your own pace for 1 hour on a mostly flat path around the lake. Drive through the main entrance to Lake Murray at the end of Kiowa Dr. off Lake Murray Blvd. Meet in the main parking lot on the left as you approach the lake. Optional breakfast follows. Betty (858) 248-3782.

Tuesday, October 27

10:00 am

One-Way Washington Street Trolley Stop to Downtown. We'll meet at the Trolley stop on Washington St. between Kettner Blvd. and PCH. There is parking on side streets but you might have to look a bit. We'll walk 1.5 miles from here to downtown at a casual pace with stops to peruse Little Italy and Middletown. It's ideal for those with transit passes, or bring money to ride back to the starting point via bus or trolley. Rain cancels. Dan-in-Downtown (619) 249-9813.

Thursday , October 29

6:30 am

SUNRISE SERIES: MISSION BAY BACKWARDS. Let’s start on the path near Sea World Dr. to enjoy the playground and the sights we’ve missed on this moderate 1-hour walk on flat, mostly paved terrain. Take Sea World Dr. exit west off I-5, turn right at the first light, pass the entrance to Fiesta Island, cross the bridge and park at the second small parking area on your left. Optional breakfast afterward. Winnie (858) 278-4003.

Saturday, October 31

6:30 pm

HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR. Join us on our 4th annual walk to see 20+ decorated homes along Maryland St. where the neighbors pitch in for a one-night extravaganza: fire-breathing dragons, Frankenstein, numerous gravestones, and other tomfoolery. Costumes are optional, flashlights are suggested for this casual walk. We’ll leave from Trolley Barn Park at Adams Ave. and Florida St. (bus #11). Sharon N. (619) 298-4340.