We are requiring all of our walk leaders to follow these rules when they resume walks due to Covid-19

  1. Sign in your participants yourself rather than sharing a pen and sign-in sheet.
  2. Require all walkers to wear face coverings at all times.
  3. Remind each walker to maintain a safe distance (6 ft) from their fellow walkers. Remember that walking at your own pace often automatically spaces out walkers.
  4. If the group is larger than 5 to 8 people you will need to assign a second leader to lead part of the group.
  5. Be aware of the current rules that apply to your walking area depending on which government agency  has responsibility for that area.
  6. Require all participants to carry picture ID and have emergency contact information with them.
  7. Please carry hand sanitizer with you.
  8. Walk leaders have the option of adding additional requirements for their walks.