ALERT Tomorrows Walkabout Standard Hike Notice

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ALERT Tomorrows Walkabout Standard Hike Notice
Myra has graciously alerted me (thank you Myra!) that the sign at Manzanita parking says there is a 15 min time limit.  So, I am proposing and asking that all participants please bring their Golden Bear passes.   With these passes we can meet at Manzanita and then move to the Visitor Center Parking area.  This is a half mile south of Manzanita parking. 
We may need extra passes as not everyone has already purchased a Golden Bear pass – so please, even if you are a passenger in a car, bring your Golden Bear pass.  I will have an extra pass and Sherry should have an extra pass in her vehicle.
By parking in the Visitor Center the short off-trail park of the hike will be omitted.
FYI – I had planned to do the 13 mile hike cancelled from last month and had rehearsed it last week.  Due to concerns raised about the length and forecast temperature – I substituted the tomorrow’s hike.  So sorry for this complication.
If anyone needs additional information, do not hesitate to contact me at 202-257-2833.
thanks everyone for your patience!