February Walkabout Hikes

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Gotcha Bill. Yes I know that I screwed up the dates. Don P
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I can offer lite hikes for Saturdays 5, 12, 19 Feb. I suppose you know the days and dates are screwed up in your email?


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Subject: February Walkabout Hikes


Hello hike leaders. Well I think we did really good getting everything started again. Please sign up for what you can do in February. You can simply do a reply or let everyone know what is happening with a reply all.  Thanks again.  Need in ASAP as we go to press later this week. 

Thanks for leading and all that you do for Walkabouts. Don Piller







Wednesday 2/2



Saturday 2/5



Wednesday 2/9



Saturday 2/12



Wednesday 2/16



Wednesday 2/19



Saturday 2/23



Wednesday 2/26