We have no “members” or “dues”, as such. However, we do have expenses, such as rent, utilities, insurance and printing costs. WALKABOUT INTERNATIONAL depends in part on your generous spirit to fund our yearly operating costs as we conduct hundreds of free walks in and around the San Diego area. WALKABOUT INTERNATIONAL values you and your participation what ever the type or level.

Your support of WALKABOUT’s by leading walks, helping out at the office, participating in events or donating funds lets us sustain and spread the WALKABOUT spirit! You are the heart and “soles” of a unique, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization – that feels more like an extended family – as it raises walking far above a pedestrian pursuit.


Walkabout International is a registered 501 (c)3 organization so one important way to support WALKABOUT INTERNATIONAL is through your thoughtful, completely tax-deductible donation.

1. To DONATE BY CHECK, Simply fill out your check to Walkabout International and mail to:
Walkabout International
2650 Truxtun Rd., Suite 110
San Diego, CA 92106-6007

2. To DONATE USING A CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, OR PAYPAL ACCOUNT select on Donate and follow PayPal’s directions.

New/Renewing Subscriptions 

Below are facilities for both new and/or renewing subscribers A physical Newsletter can be mailed to your home each month or a PDF version can be emailed to you each month.  Basic Newsletter ($20.00 level subscription) provides for either the PDF or Mail version while all other subscription levels offer the option of obtaining either or both Newsletter versions. PDF only version at all levels are completely tax deductible(ID#95-3643505).

  • Subscriptions at and above the $25 level include our buy-one, get-one-free (PDF only) deal whether you are a new or renewing subscriber.  This allows you to give a one year Newsletter subscription, PDF version only, to anyone who has never been a WALKABOUT subscriber. Select on  Get One Free, then fill out and send the form, then return here to select your payment option(s).
      • For our many members who prefer subscribing with a check and printed form. Subscribe Off-line
      • For our members who prefer to subscribe via Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal. Make sure that you carefully consider each option via the dropdown arrows, then select your option(s) and complete the entire form as you will not be able to edit any information once you have selected the “Pay Now” button. Debit or credit card users make sure that you select on the blue Icon shown here after being directed to the PayPal page.
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