Walkabout Wednesday Wilderness Lite Hike

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Walkabout Wednesday Wilderness Lite Hike, Feb. 8, 2023
This week Randy will lead us on a walk/hike through the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
Take a walk on the wild side. San Diego Zoo Safari (wild) animal park is free for those over 65 in February.  $69.00 under 65. Parking is $15.00.
The hot air ballon ride is $20.00, if anyone is interested.
We’ll meet outside entrance at 8:45. Bring ID. 
The walk is all paved, so hiking boots not required.We’ll walk as much as we want. Tram ride is included in entrance fee. 
Directions: Safari Park Entrance or 15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd, Escondido, CA 92027
You must be vaccinated to go on this walk. You must carry water.
Any questions: Randyshannahan@sbcglobal.net    Cell- 858-776-1481.