Walkabout Weekly Hikes

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Hi all you great hiking friends. As most of you are aware, major changes are taking place for our Walkabout Wilderness Hikes as well as the underlying organization.

I am including all three hikes planned for this week at the end of this write up so please see at least that portion of the email. 
I’m going to attempt to keep the changes to the Hiking list to a minimum although several things will be happening over the next month or so until we get it all figured out.
First off you will see that we have 3 hikes listed for some weeks in October with one on Monday and two on Wednesday.  Then there will also be Saturday hikes upon occasion.
We will also be picking up all the downtown Walk descriptions, their calendars and need to account for that portion of our organization as well. 
I am therefore asking that the Monday and Wednesday hike leaders get their write ups to me no later than Saturday morning prior to their hikes.  That way we can post them on Saturday and people can see if they might prefer either the Monday or one of the Wednesday Hikes. Saturday Hikes will continue to be published on Wednesday. 
We will have a new website probably with a new domain name. We will also be re-writing certain of our forms to address the new organization status. 
I am considering changing to a single calendar for both walks and hikes with placeholders where leaders have committed to lead a hike but haven’t submitted their write up at the current time. This will considerably lessen my involvement and provide a more comprehensive view of all walks, hikes and planned activities for the month. Please take a look at what the October calendar looks like at  https://www.walkabout-int.org/ and scroll down to Month at a Glance
I’d appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions as we move forward. We are a wonderful and tough group and can’t let a little organizational dissolution get in the way of having fun and the enjoyment of hiking.
Thanks for all your support over the years. Don Piller