Walkabout Wilderness Lite Hike

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Walkabout Wilderness Lite Hike, July 19, 2023

Good morning!  Here’s the details of our Wednesday hike.  We’re leaving a little earlier than usual:  8:15 am 

When:                     Wednesday, July 19

Time:            8:15 am (Leaving early)

Meeting Place:      Ocean Beach Recreation Center, 4726 Santa Monica Ave.

Distance:     7.5 miles, 600 feet of elevation gain

From the recreation center, we will walk to the OB Pier, along Sunset Cliffs to the SC Natural Park, turn around for a reverse view of the cliffs and go up Hill Street to Point Loma Heights (get a glimpse of San Diego Bay), and back down to Ocean Beach along Santa Barbara Street featuring views of the ocean.     The hike is 7.5 miles.  Hill Street is very steep, but we will take our time, stopping as often as needed. 

Parking is in the neighborhood.  For those of us driving a little ways, there is a public restroom in the rec center.  

We’re leaving earlier this week – 8:15 am. 

Please bring water, snacks, sunblock, etc.  Weather forecast is upper 70s. 

Feel free to call/text with questions.    619 878 4429. 

Hope to see you Wednesday. 

Anne Flournoy