Walkabout Wilderness – Lite – Hike

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Walkabout Wilderness – Lite – Hike Aug 17, 2022

We will hike Batiquitos Lagoon and up the Eucalyptus trail through a section of La Costa on Wednesday. The hike is 5-6 miles long with about 400 feet elevation gain. 

We will leave at 8:30 AM in the parking lot at the intersection of Batiquitos Dr. and Spoonbill Lane. The parking lot is small, so if there aren’t any spaces, park on Spoonbill Lane. Spoonbill Lane intersects Batiquitos Dr. near the lagoon and toward the top of the hill. Park near the lagoon. I do not have a street address, but you can plug in Batiquitos Dr. and Spoonbill Lane for the directions. 
Feel free to invite others (as long as they are vaccinated against COVID) or send me their email address to be added to this distribution list!
For questions, contact Willa (willa.fields@sbcglobal.net or 619-925-0450). On the day of the hike, text me since my phone may not ring if you are not in my address book.
Looking forward to hiking with you,