Walkabout Wilderness lite Hike

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Walkabout Wilderness lite Hike, January 18, 2023
The rains are supposedly ending for a while after today’s deluge is done! Hopefully the trails will be dry enough for a hike on Wednesday.

We will do a 6+ mile loop with about an 1,100 foot elevation gain at Daley Ranch on primarily the Sage Trail, past the water tower, and up to the top of Stanley Peak. 

We’ll leave at 8:30 at the Dixon Lake parking lot at the end of La Honda Drive in Escondido. I do not have a specific street number. Google Dixon Lake for directions. Turn right at the end of La Honda Drive, go past the parking kiosk (if you are 65+ years old there is no fee for parking), and the parking lot is just past the kiosk on the right. We will meet in front of the bathrooms. If you are under 65, and someone is at the parking kiosk for Dixon Lake, you can either park on the street at the end of La Honda Drive or in the Daley Ranch lot and walk to the bathrooms at the Dixon Lake parking lot.

Feel free to invite others as long as they are vaccinated!
Bring water and hiking sticks!
Contact me (Willa) for any questions (619-925-0450 or willa.fields@sbcglobal.net). On the day of the hike text me – if your phone number is not in my address book, my phone will not ring; your text will “ding”, though.
Looking forward to hiking with you,