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Old Country Road, Wooded Hill, Los Gatos Ravine, Big Laguna, Chico Ravine Loop. Distance 9.7 miles with an elevation gain of about 1300 feet.

The hike will leave the trailhead promptly at 8:30AM 
You must be fully vaccinated to join this hike.

Today's hike, all on trail, will start at mile marker 19.1 on Sunrise Highway (SR-1). We will hike on the Old County Road for about a mile before heading off on a bike trail to Wooded Hill. The trail climbs moderately, but consistently, until we reach the top of Wooded Hill. We will gain almost 1000 feet in the first 2.5 miles or so. Next, we will head down to the Agua Dulce trailhead for a bathroom (toilets are available) and nutrition break. From here we will follow Los Gatos Ravine to the meadow, passing the partial Tree-saurus. We will eat lunch at the Laguna Cemetery before heading back to the Old County Road via Chico Ravine Trail. 

Pack snack, lunch, and water. There is no water on the trail. Forecast for Wednesday is mostly sunny with a high of 79. We will be hiking in shade a large part of the time.

Make sure that you review our information in the wilderness section of the newsletter Questions: contact Sherry at (619) 887-0055 or

Directions (I-8 to Sunrise Hwy.): From I-8 East, take the Sunrise Highway to Mile Marker 19.1. The trailhead will be on your left. You can park off the side of the road on either side. There is usually a portable toilet available on the east side of the highway, right before you reach the trailhead.

Each vehicle must display either an Adventure Pass or a Senior Pass.