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The weather is iffy.  Currently the forecast is for clear skies, but windy.  We are hoping for the best. (This is the third time I have tried Eagle Rock this year.) So, check for an email either Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning in the event that we decide to cancel.  

Pj and Sherry


WEDNESDAY WILDERNESS STANDARD HIKE – February 15, 2023, 8:30 a.m. meet up to arrange key exchange – 9:00 hike start time

Key Exchange Hike – Barrel Springs to Warner Springs (or visa versa) 

Miles =  10.5

Meeting place – junction of Hwy 79 and  S2

Elevation gain and loss :

            Barrel Springs to Warner Springs – +700 – 1100

            Warner Springs to Barrel Springs – +1100 – 700

Mission Valley carpool leaves at 7:00 a.m.

This area should be mostly free of ice and mud, but we could encounter water at the Agua Caliente Creek TH where we will leave the cars at the Warner Springs end of the hike.  We also cross a small creek south of Eagle Rock.  There could be muddy spots on the trail right out of Warner Springs where it is shaded.  Be prepared. 

We will meet at the junction of Hwy 79 and S2 (San Felipe Road) by 8:30 a.m. to form our groups.  The actual hike should start about 9:00.

From San Diego, take 67 and 78 through Ramona to Santa Ysabel.  (The store there is the last bathroom stop.  There are no facilities at the trailheads.)  Turn left onto 79.  The intersection is in about 11.1 miles.  There is a large dirt lot parking area on the northeast corner (on your left immediately after you make the turn onto S2) . 

One group (led by Sherry Mitchell) will hike north from just north of Barrel Springs where the PCT crosses S22 (Montezuma Rd) near Ranchita at about mile marker 1 on S22 (+700 – 1100).  The other group (led by Pj) will travel south on the PCT from the Agua Caliente Creek Trailhead located 1.3 miles west of Warner Springs (+1100 – 700).   Since the elevation gain/loss is so similar, you may want to do the hike in the opposite direction that you have done in the past.  It looks very different from the other side.  Please have in mind which way you want to hike prior to arriving at our meeting place. That will speed our trailhead shuttling arrangements up a bit.  

You do not need an Adventure or Senior Pass for either trailhead. 

Please bring sunscreen and a hat as there is little shade on the trail.  You should have at least 2 liters of water, a snack if you want one, and lunch.

We will plan to meet at Eagle Rock for lunch and the swapping of keys. 

Weather forecast is mostly sunny with a temperature of about 38 degrees at 9:00 and a high of 50.  As always, check the weather the night before and dress accordingly. 

Make sure that you review our information in the wilderness section of the newsletter. I have attached it for your convenience. 


858-566-8928 (home)

858-267-7467 (cell)

Walkabout Safety Rules

All participants must be in condition, well-prepared for walk conditions, and will be accepted at the leader’s discretion.

Carry Identification and/or Medical Card with you.

Lock belongings in trunk before walking and take valuables with you

Car locked & windows up

Stay behind the walk leader, let leader set the pace.

No one behind the sweep

Echo back obstacles

You must notify the leader if you want to leave walk

Only service animals allowed unless indicated in the newsletter as a special walk with dogs Adventure pass or equivalent displayed as necessary

Hikers must be able to keep up with the group

Carry sufficient water

Be prepared for adverse weather, we may not turn back